Decoupaging and alcohol – great combo!

Well, what do you know. I just decoupaged my first shuttle. It’s nothing really fancy, just wanted to try it out. Last Saturday, the 8th, I went with my sister to a craft store here in Reykjavík and we bought some stuff for her necklace crafting. Won’t go into details about that now but will post a blog about that once she’s well on her way.
Anyways, we went to that craft shop and I found Mod Podge believe it or not, had no idea it was sold here, lucky me!

2014-11-08 21.49.12That saturday had been planned in advance with our friend, Solla, and we ordered in and had some wine and beers and were doodling in our crafts the whole night, it was really fun and relaxing. I was so excited to try decoupaging for the first time. I don’t know if I did it correctly but I found out that I feel the shuttle slip between my fingers more often than before. Also it’s more difficult to reach for the thread when joining. I took care of that problem though, I just chipped the end off with my nail but now it has an edge that the thread seems to get stuck on. I don’t know, maybe it’s just trial time with me, it might get better. Only time will tell.
2014-11-08 22.29

I like the flowers though, they are pretty cute. I don’t have many napkins and the stores don’t have a very big collection of them so I asked my dad to look for moms old napkins, she has a LOT of them. He did and I spent almost an hour last night looking through two boxes of napkins only to find THREE that I liked – well, there were many more that I liked, but the pattern or drawing or whatever was too big. 99% of the napkins had way too large patterns on them to fit a small plastic shuttle. I’ll have to go hunting 🙂

On a side note… Katla is flying to Amsterdam as we speak, or boarding very soon at least from Swiss. She and her hubby are having a nice long weekend in Amsterdam to celebrate his b-day which is today. Have to say I envy her a little bit, Scotland last month and Holland now. We’re teasing her that it’s becoming a monthly thing to travel out of the country for her hehe. But I hope she’s having fun, can’t wait to see what kind of tourist junk she brings home 🙂 Love that stuff!

Have a good day and happy tatting 🙂

Our first steps into shuttle tatting

This is the national uniform of Iceland

Today has been, well, special. We decided to go look for some very fine yarns for our tatting experiment while we’re waiting for our tatting supply delivery from Walmart. We really weren’t that optimistic on getting some really good yarn and were preparing ourselves to have to go store to store all afternoon. But by some kind of a miracle the first store we stumbled into had this amazing collection of Lizbeth yarn size 20, which is the yarn some girls on the tutorials we’ve been watching have been using. Well, maybe not exactly Lizbeth yarns but at least it was size 20 and I remembered that from the tutorials. The woman that was working in the store asked us what we were going to do with the yarn and we told her it was called tatting but to my amazement she knew what it was and even had some shuttles, which of course we bought, the impatient trolls we are. But apparently it’s called “Orkering”, which is the Scandinavian word for tatting, or if you’re referring to it like you’re “Tatting” it’s “Orkera” and that particular method has been used here for centuries in our old traditional “National Uniform”, imagine that! If I understood it right tatting has been used to lace the end of the shirtsleeves the girls wear and the hem I think too, maybe even used in something else, I don’t know. I really want to research this and find more information about it, it really fascinates me. 

On a side-note, when we stepped out of the store we saw the doppelganger of Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians driving past us on our way to the car. It was so funny, she had the luxury car, the fur coat, the crazy white hair (not the black half though) and the shiny red lipstick and of course she drove like a maniac. The resemblance was uncanny! Just had to share that haha.

These are some of the tries we did before we found out about the “flip” thing. Not all of them though, they kept coming for a while after this photo was taken

Full of hope and excitement we rushed home, clicked on the first shuttle tatting tutorial we could find on youtube and started to tat. Well, tried to tat, we didn’t really accomplish much. When we got the hang of how to make the stitches and do it properly all kinds of other problems surfaced. For the life of us we could NOT complete one single ring, the stitches were completely stuck so we couldn’t slide them down the yarn. We tried another tutorial with other techniques but the same happened over and over again. Our frustration kept increasing and we were starting to bitch about it, almost shouting at each other, we were so annoyed. After about 1-2 hours of this we had this little pile of “stitches” that we’d cut away from the shuttle to try it all over again with the same result. Why on earth did this damn thing not work?!? I finally figured out we had to flip the loop and the next tutorial we watched confirmed that. Then everything started to be bright and shiny and we were happy and full of excitement again… for about 5 minutes. When we close a ring, how do we start another one? Do we tie a knot or just go on with the next one? How do we make chains with shuttles? Do we always need to have two shuttles while doing a chain? These questions and many, many more surfaced and I’m too tired right now to search for the answers. Double stitches and picots are all we know so far and I have a feeling that won’t get us really far.

So this is the accomplishment from today’s work; frustration, annoyance and rage-quitting with a little dash of experience along the way. We got our shuttles and few balls of yarn. And of course I have to mention it again, even though it hardly counts as accomplishment but the Cruella DeVille doppelganger was priceless!  


The Preparation

So, lets start by introducing who is behind this blog.
We are two sisters, both in our twenties. We live in Reykjavík – the capital of Iceland. The reason I’m doing this blog (she doesn’t know about it yet – sssh) is because we recently discovered the wonderful craft tatting through pinterest. I had no idea pinterest could be THIS fun, you can literally find ANYTHING there though I mostly look at clever DIY stuff and now tatting. So let’s give a big shout out to pinterest for being such an awesome site.

The name of this blog is actually not remotely related to the Inka nation. It’s a combination of our names. In is for Ingunn (me) and Ka is for Katla (my sister).

Anyways. My plan (and hopefully my sisters too, once I tell her) is to blog our experiences through learning tatting and hopefully getting really good at it. I was unbelievably happy and excited when I discovered this craft and I think we watched all tutorial videos on youtube you can find of tatting – which are surprisingly few, except the Spanish ones and since we don’t speak Spanish I hardly see the point in watching them. We got so excited while watching those videos that we just wanted to start tatting NOW. But unfortunately tatting is not a thing here in Iceland so we can’t find any place that sells tatting needles and shuttles. Somehow I think nobody sells any tatting stuff here in Iceland – at least never heard of it or seen it anywhere in any craft stores. So we went online and browsed on amazon, ebay, walmart etc to find that no one ships to Iceland. But finally we found a solution to that problem and placed an order from Walmat. That took a whole afternoon to figure out. Shopping online and shipping to an address that’s not your own can be quite problematic, or maybe it’s just my lack of experience in shopping online that made it so difficult for me.

So now we’re just waiting for our order to arrive. Probably takes about two weeks to arrive, give or take few days. We are buying a How To book that includes four needles, instructions and some easy patterns to help us get started. Also we’re buying another set of needles (also four), two shuttles and two cases of beads – lots and lots of beads.

But did I mention that my sister is crazy? She didn’t want to wait for the order to arrive so she started tatting an earring with the longest normal needle she could find, with a pointy end and everything. I can’t say I wasn’t amused to see her try tatting with that needle, very carefully trying not to stab herself with the pointy end of the needle. But believe it or not, she finished that earring and it looks great! She just needs to finish another one with the same needle to make a matching pair. I don’t think she thought the whole thing through haha. But she has two weeks to make the other one before the shipment arrives and we get busy tatting with a real tatting needle.

I really hope we can pull this off. And pull off this blog as well. I’ve never in my life been able to hold a good blog for a long time, the gaps in between every blog gets longer and longer every time and I end up just giving up. But I always come back with a new one. And I don’t recall my sister being good at blogging, except as a teen with a blog.central site – oh those blog.central days haha!

– Ingunn (the older part of Inka design)