Decoupaging and alcohol – great combo!

Well, what do you know. I just decoupaged my first shuttle. It’s nothing really fancy, just wanted to try it out. Last Saturday, the 8th, I went with my sister to a craft store here in Reykjavík and we bought some stuff for her necklace crafting. Won’t go into details about that now but will post a blog about that once she’s well on her way.
Anyways, we went to that craft shop and I found Mod Podge believe it or not, had no idea it was sold here, lucky me!

2014-11-08 21.49.12That saturday had been planned in advance with our friend, Solla, and we ordered in and had some wine and beers and were doodling in our crafts the whole night, it was really fun and relaxing. I was so excited to try decoupaging for the first time. I don’t know if I did it correctly but I found out that I feel the shuttle slip between my fingers more often than before. Also it’s more difficult to reach for the thread when joining. I took care of that problem though, I just chipped the end off with my nail but now it has an edge that the thread seems to get stuck on. I don’t know, maybe it’s just trial time with me, it might get better. Only time will tell.
2014-11-08 22.29

I like the flowers though, they are pretty cute. I don’t have many napkins and the stores don’t have a very big collection of them so I asked my dad to look for moms old napkins, she has a LOT of them. He did and I spent almost an hour last night looking through two boxes of napkins only to find THREE that I liked – well, there were many more that I liked, but the pattern or drawing or whatever was too big. 99% of the napkins had way too large patterns on them to fit a small plastic shuttle. I’ll have to go hunting 🙂

On a side note… Katla is flying to Amsterdam as we speak, or boarding very soon at least from Swiss. She and her hubby are having a nice long weekend in Amsterdam to celebrate his b-day which is today. Have to say I envy her a little bit, Scotland last month and Holland now. We’re teasing her that it’s becoming a monthly thing to travel out of the country for her hehe. But I hope she’s having fun, can’t wait to see what kind of tourist junk she brings home 🙂 Love that stuff!

Have a good day and happy tatting 🙂