Aaaand we’re back!

Oh gosh! I am an idiot. A total idiot!! I forgot my email/password combination to this blog *facepalm* I just found it by accident when I was looking for an old email on my “blizzard email account” since I only use that email for blizzard stuff (World of Warcraft – yeah I play it and yes, I’m a nerd). Well, DID only use it for blizzard stuff apparently.

Anyways. We’ve been having a lot of tatting fun lately. The last entry I made was right after we got our shipment from Wall-mart which took forever to arrive. And we had just bought the online course on Craftzy. Ok, well… so I guess we have A LOT to cover now.

For starters, we have totally given up on needle tatting, shuttles are the way to go, at least for us. We’ve made some amazing stuff lately, lots of necklaces, a bracelet or two and some earrings too. And I found a pattern for this adorable little 3D flower and we’ve been putting it on hairpins,they look so adorable. I just have to show you…

The little 3D hairpin.
The little 3D hairpin. So cute, SO CUTE!

I’ve also been working on a rose pattern by Tatting box called Cornelia. It’s very nice, almost all done with chains and LJ. Which is nice, simple and I’ve practiced LJ very well lately. I was never able to get it quite right. I always ended up with a string at the end of my chains and the chain very loose, not right up to the picot I was joining to like it should be. This pattern helped me to overcome that little problem of mine. And it looks so fancy. Have I mentioned that I love beads? I put beads on EVERYTHING now, even if it’s not in the pattern, beaded pattern it will become!!

Cornelia necklace. Tatted by me, pattern by Tatting box.
Cornelia necklace. Tatted by me, pattern by Tatting box.

A friend of ours, Icelandic girl that now lives in England with her boyfriend has been in Iceland for the past one and a half month or so visiting and enjoying the home country and we introduced her to tatting. She loves it and is getting quite good at it. I love the fact that I’ve started mentoring people in tatting, being such a noob myself. But I don’t know if she’s just very good at picking up new things or if it really matters this much to have someone teach you face to face. Because if my memory is not playing tricks on me then I’m pretty sure she’s learned tatting way easier than we did. I want to thank my teaching abilities a bit but I don’t know if that’s it. I’m usually quite quick to pick up new things too and it took me a lot more time to get tatting right. I think it’s because we didn’t really have anything to go on except a few videos and pictures in a needle tatting book to assist us. Having someone show you live, face to face is a much better way to learn I think. What do you think?

Now I’m working on a pattern by Yarnplayer – my idol. It’s called Rotation Tatted pendant with beads. It has SCMR with a bead in the middle and lots of other beads on it, a floating ring which means I have to use two shuttles, and more technique I’ve never used. I got as far as finishing the SCMR and one floating ring with a bead in it and the chain it’s on. That took my only what… like 1 and a half hour or so!! I made mistakes, had to re-thread some beads, fix some mistakes here and there and at the end of it I had a way too big SCMR compared to the bead – it was still the same size she used in hers – and a crooked floating ring on an uneven chain. But hey, practice makes perfect right? It’s the first time I use two shuttles and my first time making a floating ring and of course that floating ring has to have a bead in the middle just to complicate things a bit further. Marilee wasn’t kidding when she wrote that this pattern is for advanced skill in tatting….
But I’ve felt the need to challenge me a bit and start to learn new techniques so I’ll stick to this. This necklace will just be for practice but I hope I can get it better on the next one!

Will show you some progress report and probably a whole blog of me raging on how difficult and impossible this idea of mine was. But until then… happy tatting! 😀

5 thoughts on “Aaaand we’re back!

  1. I enjoyed reading your new post, and your tatting is looking very nice… I see you’re into the next stage… adding beads to everything (lol)… just wait until you get to the obsessed stage… you’ll have a large collection of threads, shuttles, and beads – and it will not be enough… *sigh* it happens to us all!

    I rarely use my tatting needles… I tend to work with the shuttles more. There’s something about the clicking noise the shuttles make, that is rather relaxing.

    Thanks for the permission to link. And yes, Marilee is very knowledged in tatting… also, I really enjoy her patterns!

    Keep up the good work

    1. Well, I think I’m already at the obsession stage to be honest. I counted my colors a few days ago and I have 15… and I’ve filled a little toolbox with beads and other accessories, tools I need, jump rings, earrings etc.
      That’s gonna be my main topic on my next blog actually! 😛
      And no problem with the link, I think it’s great you want to have it on your blog 🙂
      And yes, Marilee is great… just finished one of her patterns like 10 minutes ago actually!

  2. Challenging yourself with new techniques and advanced patterns is definitely the way to improve. You are doing a wonderful job and mistakes are just learning tools. I do thinl there is something about face to face instruction that makes tatting easier to pick up. I try to teach new techniques that I have learned to others aa a test to see how well I understand the techniques.

    1. Thank you for the compliment 🙂
      And yeah, face to face teaching is probably better than learning online. And my “student” is doing pretty well too, very glad she’s enjoying it as much as I am!

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