The Preparation

So, lets start by introducing who is behind this blog.
We are two sisters, both in our twenties. We live in Reykjavík – the capital of Iceland. The reason I’m doing this blog (she doesn’t know about it yet – sssh) is because we recently discovered the wonderful craft tatting through pinterest. I had no idea pinterest could be THIS fun, you can literally find ANYTHING there though I mostly look at clever DIY stuff and now tatting. So let’s give a big shout out to pinterest for being such an awesome site.

The name of this blog is actually not remotely related to the Inka nation. It’s a combination of our names. In is for Ingunn (me) and Ka is for Katla (my sister).

Anyways. My plan (and hopefully my sisters too, once I tell her) is to blog our experiences through learning tatting and hopefully getting really good at it. I was unbelievably happy and excited when I discovered this craft and I think we watched all tutorial videos on youtube you can find of tatting – which are surprisingly few, except the Spanish ones and since we don’t speak Spanish I hardly see the point in watching them. We got so excited while watching those videos that we just wanted to start tatting NOW. But unfortunately tatting is not a thing here in Iceland so we can’t find any place that sells tatting needles and shuttles. Somehow I think nobody sells any tatting stuff here in Iceland – at least never heard of it or seen it anywhere in any craft stores. So we went online and browsed on amazon, ebay, walmart etc to find that no one ships to Iceland. But finally we found a solution to that problem and placed an order from Walmat. That took a whole afternoon to figure out. Shopping online and shipping to an address that’s not your own can be quite problematic, or maybe it’s just my lack of experience in shopping online that made it so difficult for me.

So now we’re just waiting for our order to arrive. Probably takes about two weeks to arrive, give or take few days. We are buying a How To book that includes four needles, instructions and some easy patterns to help us get started. Also we’re buying another set of needles (also four), two shuttles and two cases of beads – lots and lots of beads.

But did I mention that my sister is crazy? She didn’t want to wait for the order to arrive so she started tatting an earring with the longest normal needle she could find, with a pointy end and everything. I can’t say I wasn’t amused to see her try tatting with that needle, very carefully trying not to stab herself with the pointy end of the needle. But believe it or not, she finished that earring and it looks great! She just needs to finish another one with the same needle to make a matching pair. I don’t think she thought the whole thing through haha. But she has two weeks to make the other one before the shipment arrives and we get busy tatting with a real tatting needle.

I really hope we can pull this off. And pull off this blog as well. I’ve never in my life been able to hold a good blog for a long time, the gaps in between every blog gets longer and longer every time and I end up just giving up. But I always come back with a new one. And I don’t recall my sister being good at blogging, except as a teen with a blog.central site – oh those blog.central days haha!

– Ingunn (the older part of Inka design)

10 thoughts on “The Preparation

  1. A huge Welcome to TatLand from Spain 🙂 Hope you make a big progress in short period of time. I shuttle tatting and think is easier than needle tatting, is more portable and can load lots of threads in the shuttle instead of the 2 or 3 metters that you have to use when needle tatting

    1. Thank you. Yes, we are making lots of progress. Wish I did blog more about it though. And we both found out that shuttle tatting is much better, it just takes more time getting used to it and getting the “flip” right.
      We uploaded some pictures in the photogallery if you’re interested 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m Danish but I live in hafnarfjörður (can’t write Icelandic). I recently started shuttle tatting, so maybe it could be fun to meet up some time?! 🙂 litir og föndur in kopavogur has tatting needles, shuttles and crotatting hooks, a few books and some thread, and föndra has a little thread and 1 or 2 books as Well 🙂

  3. Welcome to tatting! So neat to see another site about tatting!

    Like others have mentioned, there are some great resources around. While (as you mentioned) quite a few of that tatting videos are in Spanish, there is one lady who makes videos with Spanish and English Subtitles. Her name is Karen Cabrera. Her videos are nice, and she has many!

    You know, I can actually relate to your your sister’s impatience with the needles to arrive. I myself tried using a sewing needle to needle tat (while waiting for my needle order to come)… it was difficult, but a fun challenge! However, I did poke myself a time or two!

    I look forward to following your tatting endeavours, and I would love to be able to add a link to your site, on my site…. but only with your permission 🙂

    1. We actually found a lovely online course by Marilee Rockly (my tatting rockstar) on Craftsy. It’s REALLY nice, explains everything you need to know. Rings, chains, SCMR with beads, floating rings, lock stitch, lock stitch chains, lock join, how to sew in your thread the best way, blocking and many many many more! She’s a whole ocean of tatting-wisdom. Really recommend it, and it’s cheap and always accessable, whenever you want to find something.

      Haha, my sister did that too. Her hands bled a little bit when she worked on that first earring of hers. We have actually dropped the needles though and are just using shuttles now and are getting quite good if I say so myself!

      And yeah, by all means link me on your site 🙂 Will probably do the same if I make a similar gadget on my site! 🙂

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